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❥ mod ➜ August 2014 Masterlist

At last, this round of qmidayeveryday is over. Before we get to the masterlist, we have a few last words to say:

Thank you to our incredibly hardworking beta dearestcreature for helping all of our authors in need. We couldn’t have done this without you ♥ Additionally, we’d like to thank all of our participants in this round for making it go so smoothly—of all of our 21 participants, we did not have a single drop-out. Thank you especially to those who were on time or gave us notice when they couldn’t be, and to everyone who supported the authors and artists here by commenting! Modding this exchange has been a blast. (Perhaps we’ll see you next year?)

Below is our final masterlist. Feel free to use the comments to get in touch with each other! It’s always a good time to make new friends. ♥



❥ MOD ➜ guess post & anonymous masterlist

qmidayeveryday postings have come to an end :(

We hope you enjoyed this exchange as much as we enjoyed modding it!

Reveals will be posted August 20th, 2014. That's two days from now, so you'll have time to catch up on anything you've missed! Don't forget to leave feedback for our lovely authors and artists ♥


  1. Make your guesses as to who wrote/drew what!
  2. If you have insider knowledge, please don't guess (for that particular work).
  3. Do not confirm or deny anyone else's guesses!

To aid you in your guessing endeavors, look below the cut for an anonymous masterlist of all fic and art posted to the exchange these past two weeks~



For: xigan
From: anonymous until 8/20/14!

Title: Real Star at the Rhea Izar
Rating: G
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Words: approx. 9000
Summary: Zhou Mi owned a magic shop and Kyuhyun was a world renowned scholar. It was fate that had a way of bringing them together. [Magic!au]
Notes: Special thanks to Bae & Shaz for their beta work

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For: jesstoast
From: anonymous until 8/20/14!

Title: we are not what you think we are (we are golden)
Rating: R
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Words: 6,563
Warning: none
Summary: Kyuhyun slowly gets to know his roommate — or so he thinks.
Notes: thanks to S for the hand-holding and help, you're a star ♥ dear recipient, i hope you enjoy this!!

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For: were1993
From: anonymous until 8/20/14!

Title: L'amour, pas pour moi
Rating: G
Pairing: QMi
Words: 2k~
Warning: angst, spoiler: highlight to read - [not a happy ending]
Summary: The Lovers, Reversed.
Notes: Giant thank yous to the ever-patient mods and the bestest beta in all the lands. Initially I was going to write a little blurb/drabble to go with this but then my beta chrysa took that over and it may have grown into a proper fic... oops? Hope you like it!
Title from this song.
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For: sohii
From: anonymous until 8/20/14!

Title: Breakwater
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Words: 15,027
Warning: scenes of near-drowning, imagery of drowning
Genre: AU, fantasy, little mermaid!AU
Summary: To gain an entrance in the world of humans, Zhou Mi makes a bargain which allows him to walk on land, and draws him closer to a human prince and to danger.

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❥ FIC ➜ fly high (PG) for kitschful

For: kitschful
From: anonymous until 8/20/14!

Title: fly high
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Words: 2,150
Summary: Zhou Mi tries a new job for a month. (He’s considering staying a while longer.)
Notes: thanks so much to my lovely beta, a, and my fantastic friends who’ve helped me along the way ♥ and to kitschful, i’m sorry this didn’t turn out longer! time constraints got the best of me, but i promise i’ll write you a longer version of this someday!! also, ‘mimi’ means ‘secret’ in chinese. sort of a pun.

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❥ FIC ➜ colorblind (PG) for alienashi

For: alienashi
From: anonymous until 8/20/14!

Title: colorblind
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi + bff!Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Words: 2059
Warning: slight mention of homophobia
Summary: Kyuhyun sees black and white in his dreams but Zhou Mi is in every color in reality
Notes: I loved all your prompts and I hope this was something up to your standards! It was difficult to write this but it was worth the time I put into it~

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❥ ART ➜ Cover to Cover (G) for halcydonia

For: halcydonia
From: anonymous until 8/20/14!
Title: Cover to Cover
Rating: G
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Warning: none
Summary: Zhou Mi, new to town, has just taken a job at a local bookstore. Now, everyone in this town knows that this bookstore has a bitter rivalry with the large chain store across the street, a feud spanning back decades and everyone in town has chosen a side. However, nobody bothered telling Zhou Mi this so he’s spending his lunch break at his competitor’s flirting with Kyuhyun, the guy who sells e-readers and has a cute butt.
Notes: I hope you like it ;v;

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